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After Midnight e-book
Downloadable .pdf e-book, 157 pages.
In this all-encompassing guide to photographing the landscape and heavens at night, Mark presents new example images and concise descriptions of the thought processes that went into creating them.  Over one hundred images are shown, across a variety of environments, from wilderness to cityscapes.  Exposure data is listed for each.  Learn how to photograph the stars as points of light, as trails and circles, the moon, Northern Lights, lightning, time intervals, time lapses and more.  Mark also covers the state-of-the-art field and digital darkroom techniques he uses to create his compelling nighttime images.  Use this resource to fire your imagination for creating your own stellar nightscapes. 

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The Light of Midnight: Photographing the Landscape at Night
Downloadable .pdf e-book, 93 pages.
This comprehensive guide to photographing landscapes and celestial objects at night is designed to be both educational and inspiring. It discusses tips, techniques and strategies on focusing in the dark, determining night exposures, processing night images, and photographing stars, the moon, the landscape in relation to the night sky, meteors, comets, eclipes, the Northern Lights, and other celestial phenomena. Never has such a wide variety of information on night landscape photography been compiled in one volume. Learn to create incredible night images while experiencing the mystery and mystique of the landscape at night.

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Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains
Hardcover, 144 pages
Adirondack Waters: Spirit of the Mountains is a celebration of   the Adirondacks’ beautiful lakes and ponds, rivers and   streams, brooks and creeks, wetlands and waterfalls. It's the most comprehensive and spectacular collection of Adirondack   water images ever assembled in print — the culmination of   ten years of photographing the region — accompanied with inspired text and quotes from Adirondack literature.   Published by: North Country Books Utica, NY (315) 735-4877

In Stoddard’s Footsteps: The Adirondacks Then & Now
Mark   Bowie & Timothy Weidner Hardcover & softcover, 144 pages
In a career spanning the settling of the Adirondack wilderness,   the heyday of the guide, the steamship, and the grand hotel,   pioneer photographer Seneca Ray Stoddard produced more than   8,000 images of the evolving landscape — the largest   documentary record of late nineteenth century life in the   region. More than a century later, Mark Bowie literally followed in his footsteps, faithfully re-photographing the exact   locations of many of his classic images. The results are fascinating, sometimes surprising, in every case, illuminating.   Co-published by: North Country Books Utica, NY (315) 735-4877 &   Chapman Historical Museum Glens Falls, NY (518) 793-2826

The Adirondacks: In Celebration of the Seasons
Hardcover, 144   pages
The Adirondack landscape is endowed with lofty mountains and   rich northern forests reflected in over 2,800 lakes and ponds,   and thousands of miles of flowing waterways. Imprinted with four   distinct seasons, the scenery evolves continually. Each season   brings new wonders and challenges, yet this landscape retains a   sense of place unique in our nation – a distinctly Adirondack heart and soul.   Mark Bowie has followed the compass from Old Forge to Lake George, from Great Sacandaga Lake to the Saranacs and Paul   Smiths, meticulously capturing the glories and subtleties of   each Adirondack season. From intimate scenes to grand panoramas,   this spectacular portfolio is truly a celebration of the Adirondack's magnificent seasons.   Published by: North Country Books Utica, NY (315) 735-4877