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September 17 - 22, 2023
Tupper Lake, NY
2 Slots Left

Our signature event — an experience unlike any other workshop — in the northern Adirondacks' Tri-Lakes region.

Special Note:  With the popularity of the retreats, we are holding the majority of registration slots for previous attendees

until January 15, 2023.  After that, registration will be open to other intermediate to advanced level photographers.


The retreat program is our ultimate Adirondack photography experience; a classic artist's retreat for experienced photographers who want to immerse themselves in their craft. This is a time when all of your attention can be put toward realizing your vision and sharing the fruits of your creativity. As a participant you will be challenged to create a body of work based on your experiences during the week and share your results with the group. (We will be printing some of your work for display in the retreat space.) You will also assist in guiding your fellow participants toward their goals through your supportive suggestions and insights.  You will be photographing a variety of Adirondack landscapes chosen for their diverse possibilities — scenic mountains, woods, and waters that make the Adirondacks so distinctive. Your activities will be planned to take advantage of all the little things that make the Adirondacks unique in the pantheon of American wild places.

Mark will play dual roles during the week: guide and participant. As a guide he has created activities and exercises designed to inspire and challenge you. He will also lead all field trips, discussions and critique sessions. As a participant he will be shooting along with you, sharing his work, and taking part in all creative activities.  At the end of the retreat we will assemble a representative selection of participants work into an e-book, which everyone will take home as a memento of their experience.

There are no pre-planned instruction or demonstration sessions given during the retreat. However, Mark will provide any assistance that you require during the retreat, technical or otherwise, as the need arises. This is a great opportunity to expand your horizons while working alongside one of the area's premier photographers and teachers.

Camera Skills Needed

This program is for Intermediate and Advanced skill level photographers who would enjoy growing their skills while working in a close-knit group.

Description of skill levels - click here.

Computer Skills Needed

Participants should be capable of performing the image processing steps necessary to take their images from capture to print.  Mark will be happy to assist you as needed. 

Other Considerations

Locations visited during the retreat are easily accessible.  Though no strenuous hiking or climbing is required, we may hike up some of the area's smaller peaks.  Participants must be in good physical shape and able to climb and descend moderate to steep inclines.

As with all outdoor pursuits, some risk is inherent; all participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to the workshop.

Group Size

10 participants max.

Registration Fees


Deposit of $250 required at time of registration. Deadline for early registration discount is July 17th. Click here for information on any other discounts that may be available.


Dates and Times

Retreat begins Sunday, September 17, 2023 at 5:00 pm and ends Friday, September 22, 2023 at noon.

Where to Meet

Participants will gather in the lobby of the Tupper Lake Motel in Tupper Lake.


Directions to the Tupper Lake Motel can be found on their website. Call them at (518) 359-3381 if you need further assistance.


Lodging is the responsibility of the participant and is not included in the registration fee.

We suggest the Tupper Lake Motel for this event. Contact them at (518) 359-3381 for reservations.  A block of rooms is being held for this workshop until August 15th.  Be sure to tell them you are attending the Adirondack Photography Institute's workshop. Reserve by August 15th to ensure a room.


Meals are the responsibility of the participant and their cost is not included in the registration fee. Mark will work with the group to organize meal times and locations.

Getting to the Event

The two nearest airports are the Adirondack Regional Airport (SLK) and Albany International (ALB). Rental cars are available at both locations.

Transportation During the Event

Participants’ vehicles will be used for transportation during field trips. We are adamant about  carpooling as much as possible to minimize the number of vehicles needed for any given field trip, as well as to lessen our impact on easily damaged roads and trails. Note that the instructor is not allowed to provide transportation for participants duing the event.

The Program Schedule

Day 1

Welcome dinner. Mark will present the plan for the week and answer questions. Night group field trip.

Day 2, 3, 4

Morning group field trip. Post-trip review and discussion. Download the morning's images and make selections for display. Complete assigned exercise, if any. Group discussion around participants’ images. Image processing and printing. Afternoon, evening and night group field trips.

Day 5

You choose whether to attend the morning group field trip or shoot on your own. Post-trip review and discussion. Image download and selection for display. Complete assigned exercise, if any. Group discussion around participants’ images. Image processing and printing. You choose whether to attend the afternoon, evening and night group field trips or shoot on your own. Breakfast, lunch, dinner at scheduled times.

Day 6

Morning group field trip followed by breakfast. Image download and selection for display. Participants present their Retreat Theme. Retreat wrap-up.


Note - The actual itinerary may vary considerably from this due to weather and other conditions that cannot be anticipated.

What To Bring

Mark has provided additional information regarding your needs for this program. Click here to view or download that information. Please contact Mark directly with questions: or (413) 442-9125.

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