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May 20 - 23, 2021
Barnstable, MA
Full - Wait List Available

Explore the Cape's seascapes, lighthouses & fishing villages, with a new vision.

See Deeper!  Go Deeper!


Photographically, what makes Cape Cod landscapes so special, is how light interacts with this convergence of land and sea.  Learning to see the possibilities and then translate them into images can elevate our picture-taking from the commonplace to the artistic.  Professional landscape photographer and night shooting expert Mark Bowie will lead this power-packed workshop to explore the Cape from pre-dawn to deep night, visiting some of its finest scenery: the ocean, beaches, dunes, coastal waterways, lighthouses and fishing villages.  He’ll cover in-depth the fine art of seeing, offering innovative strategies, tips and techniques for looking deeper, refining your personal vision to create images with feeling, that come from the heart.


We will typically shoot for several hours around sunrise and sunset each day, and other times as favorable lighting conditions present themselves. We’ll also photograph the moody blues of twilight and the Cape’s magnificent night sky.  The landscape, so varied and photogenic in daylight, becomes ever-more mysterious and enchanting at night.  Our schedule and choice of shooting locations will remain flexible to take best advantage of the weather and lighting conditions.

In the field and in the digital darkroom Mark will cover:

  • The Art of Seeing Creatively

  • Seeing the possibilities: reading weather and shooting the light

  • The quality, direction and color of light

  • Shooting at sunrise, sunset, twilight and at night

  • Photographing the night landscape in relation to the celestial skies

  • Designing and fine-tuning powerful compositions using the principles of visual flow, dynamic tension, balance, leading lines, shapes and patterns

  • Shooting from interesting vantage points

  • Using exposure to control mood and atmosphere

  • Determining exposure at night

  • Achieving critical focus day and night

  • Using Live View to compose and focus

  • Using the LCD screen and histogram to refine compositions, check exposures and confirm focus

  • Working creatively with your full suite of lenses

  • Varying shutter speed for artistic effect

  • Targeting color and tonal palettes

  • The artistry of long exposures

  • Creating expressionistic abstracts

  • Shooting and blending multiple exposures as layer masks, HDR’s, panoramas, focus stacks
, star trails and time-lapse sequences

  • Image optimization in Lightroom, Camera Raw & Photoshop CC

Mark will also lead group critiquing sessions of participants’ images designed to enhance the creative process.


Indoor instructional sessions will be at Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable.


Informative and inspiring, this workshop is geared for both amateur and advanced photographers.  Learn to envision the image-making potential of a variety of landscapes and translate it into your own compelling imagery.  Join Mark to see deeper, go deeper!


Camera Skills Needed

All skill levels are welcome. Users of all types of cameras may attend. However, digital SLR cameras are preferred for their ability to provide immediate feedback and instant access to the images. Without one, you will not be able to take full advantage of the indoor sessions in this workshop.

Computer Skills Needed

A basic understanding of digital workflow and some working knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop or other image-editing program will be helpful.

Other Considerations

Locations visited during the workshop are easily accessible and most do not require strenuous hiking or climbing. However, to access the beaches, participants should be in good physical shape and able to ascend and descend moderate slopes. 

As with all outdoor pursuits, some risk is inherent; all participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to the workshop.

Group Size

10 participants max.

Registration Fees

Members $330 | Non-Members $400


Dates and Times

The workshop runs Thursday, May 20 (starts 6pm) – Sunday, May 23 (ends noon), 2021

Where to Meet

Participants will gather at the Cape Cod Art Center, at 3480 Route 6A (Main Street), Barnstable.


Directions to the Cape Cod Art Center can be found on their website. Call them at (508) 362-2909 if you need further assistance.


Meals are not included with the workshop tuition and are the responsibility of each individual, but Mark will work with the group to organize meal times and locations.

Recommended Lodging

Best Western

1470 Iyannough Rd.

Hyannis, MA 02601


Transportation During the Event

Participants’ vehicles will be used for transportation during field trips. We are adamant about carpooling as much as possible to minimize the number of vehicles needed for any given field trip, as well as to lessen our impact on easily damaged roads and trails. Note that the instructor is not allowed to provide transportation for participants duing the event.

The Program Schedule

Day 1

  • Participants gather at the Cape Cod Art Center in Barnstable.

  • Opening presentation on the Cape's photographic possibilities.

  • Night shooting session.

Day 2, 3

  • Presentations on the Art of Seeing Cape Cod landscapes.

  • Presentation on shooting & blending multiple exposures for layer masking, panoramas, HDR's, & focus stacking.

  • Image review of participants' images.

  • Sunset, twilight, & night shooting sessions.

Day 4

  • Sunrise shooting session.

  • Presentation on Image Optimization in Lightroom & Photoshop.

  • Image review of participants' images, workshop wrap-up.


Note - The actual itinerary may vary considerably from this due to weather and other conditions that cannot be anticipated.

What To Bring

Mark has provided a What To Bring list for this program, available on the Art Center's website.  Please contact Mark directly with questions:, (413) 432-9125.

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