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Field Lessons.  Guided Tours.  Portfolio Reviews.


Whether you want to learn the basics of camera settings and composition, advanced field craft or the latest and greatest processing techniques, or if you'd like a guided tour to scenic places, I offer a range of private instruction specifically tailored to your needs.  I can plan your outing, recommend lodging and meal options, and arrange for meeting space.  For more about processing, see the Processing Instruction page.

Field Instruction
1 on 1

Few lessons can advance your eye for seeing creatively and making special images faster than private one-on-one instruction.  Often, we want to confirm that the camera settings we're using, how we select vantage points and compositions, and the processing techniques we're trying, are the most suitable ways of working.


I cater my teaching to your individual needs and interests, in a fun, relaxed atmosphere.  We can address photo gear, camera menus and operation, how to attain critical sharpness, the creative use of lenses and filters, and field techniques for finding compelling vantage points and refining compositions. We can also delve deep into my specialties: night photography, shooting and blending multiple exposures, creating impressionistic abstracts, and the fine art of image processing.

Pricing - 1 on 1 Field Instruction:

$450 per day

Fall Foliage Along Rich Lake, Adirondacks, NY
Small Groups

I also lead small groups of camera club members and other friends on photographic outings and in digital darkroom sessions.  These collaborative ventures allow us to bounce creative ideas off one another as we explore together.  Smaller groups also allow for lots of one-on-one instruction, and at discounted rates.  I provide the guiding, field and processing instruction, and handle logistical arrangements such as lodging, meals and meeting space.

Pricing - Small Group Field Instruction:

2 participants - $550 per day (total for both people)

3 - 5 participants - $1,200 per day (total for all), minimum 2 days

Guided Tours
Adirondacks.   NY Waterfalls.   Berkshires.   New England Coast.

Consider having me guide you to special places I know intimately —  the mountains, woods and waters of the Adirondacks, waterfalls of western New York, the rural landscapes of the Berkshires, or the seascapes of New England.  These are captivating places to learn new photographic skills, with an infinite supply of beautiful subject matter.

Pricing - Guided Tours:

1 - 2 participants - $550 per day (total for both)

3 - 5 participants - $1,200 per day (total for all), minimum 2 days

Custom Events

Please contact me with details of your proposed event.  I'm glad to design a program suited to your needs.

Portfolio Reviews

New!  I now offer on-line image reviews through Zoom or Skype. They can be recorded for later reference.  These in-depth analyses are designed to help each photographer  — from beginner to intermediate to advanced —  accelerate their technical and artistic skills.

Pricing - Portfolio Reviews:

$99 per hour - 2 hour-long sessions suggested

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