Moments of Inspiration & Revelation

Featuring the best of my latest still images, time-lapse sequences and video, I’ll share insights and techniques gleaned during moments of inspiration and revelation, that viewers can use to dramatically improve their own imagery.  Inspiration — when events coalesced to create heartfelt imagery, and revelation — when, in the light of personal discovery, I came across a specific strategy or technique of remarkable artistic effect.

With grand landscapes and more intimate scenes, captured day and night, I’ll share the thought processes and field craft that took them to another level, including:

Lessons in the Art of Seeing

Possibilities presented under specific weather & lighting conditions

Using light and shadow to add depth and drama

Articulating what we perceive and feel, then transferring that into imagery

Compositional choices – visual flow, image design, compelling vantage points

Exploring with telephoto lenses

White balance selection

Color and textural contrasts

Enhancing landscape colors with pure whites and blacks

Fall foliage – converting the brilliant colors to black and white

What video and time-lapse can teach us about shooting stills

Painterly landscapes using impressionistic techniques, in-camera and beyond

Sometimes inspiration comes in post-production.  I’ll share processing lessons on creating a light path to guide viewers’ eyes, artistic dodging and burning, selective color and contrast control, and more.

An ambitious project.  A monumental presentation.  Fresh.  Creative.  Informative.

To debut at the NECCC Conference in July 2022.