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Towering above the mists.   Majestic.   Inspiring.


It's but a half-hour drive from my house to the 3,491' summit of Mt Greylock, in the Berkshires of western Massachusetts. The mountain is part of the imposing Taconic Range which separates Massachusetts from New York State.  Having the tallest peaks in the state so close affords me backyard access to a world above, one often in the clouds.  Greylock dominates the area skyline.  On a clear day you can see four states — Massachusetts, New York, Vermont, and New Hampshire — up to 90 miles away.  I've experienced the mountain's many temperaments, day and night, throughout the seasons.    It's lashed by the elemental forces of rain and wind, snow and ice, but it's a formidable force itself.  It's so massive it makes its own weather.  It bellows fog and cries mist.

Sunrise over receding layers of mountains, from the Adams Overlook on Mt Greylock.


Windmills in the Hoosac Range highlighted by the rising sun.


Pre-sunrise clouds reflected in Upper Pond, in the Greylock Glen area.

Autumn sunrise over the city of Adams, from the Greylock summit.


Morning mists over autumn farms south of Adams.


Shafts of early morning sunlight filter through clouds to alight valley fog.

Fog zig-zagging across nearby hills.


This "negative" version of the fog highlights intricate forest details, including pines poking into the mists.


Sunset alighting storm clouds, near the Mt Greylock Visitor's Center.

Moon and communications tower in a twilight sky, Mt. Greylock summit.


Supermoon setting through thin cirrus over the Greylock War Memorial tower.  

Shot with a 400mm lens from the city of Adams.


Night fog enshrouds Bascom Lodge, on the summit.

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