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The magic of flowing water.


There's something truly magical about flowing and falling water.  The motion is mesmerizing; it's like watching a campfire — ever-changing.  Some waterfalls drop as classic bridal veils, some tumble over terraced ledges, others roar through narrow chasms.  The erosive power of falls and streams carve spectacular gorges, create potholes in stream beds, and drill down through layers of rock and time.


Photographically, flowing water presents innumerable creative possibilities, painted by light and weather.  Sunlight adds sparkle to the water.  It alights the surrounding foliage and casts colorful reflections.  Stream beds are eroded into fantastical geometric shapes and patterns, exposed by varying water levels.  Our quick exposures freeze water's awesome power; flowing water goes silky in long exposures, becoming metaphors for time in motion. 

Autumn maples and the tallest waterfall in New York State — Taughannock Falls, 

Taughannock Falls State Park, Finger Lakes region

Sunlit foliage reflections in Dry Creek

Fillmore Glen State Park, Finger Lakes region

Green foliage and blue sky reflections on Stony Brook cascades 

Stony Brook State Park, New York

Autumn leaves on the streambed of Eagle Cliff Falls,

Havana Glen County Park, Finger Lakes region

Autumn leaves on West Brook,

Lake George Wild Forest, Adirondacks, New York

Rainbow in the spray of the American Falls,

Niagara Falls, New York

Spring flow on Oneida Falls and Kitchen Creek,

Ricketts Glen State Park, Pennsylvania

Kitchen Creek plunging through swirls of rock

Ricketts Glen State Park

Kitchen Creek below Ganoga Falls,

Ricketts Glen State Park

Sunlight streaming through the mist of Proxy Falls,

Willamette National Forest, Oregon

Potholes in Buttermilk Creek,

Buttermilk Falls State Park, Finger Lakes region

Whirlpool above cascades on Mill Creek,


Eagle Cliff Falls in low summer flow

Havana Glen State Park, Finger Lakes region 

Parker Brook sluicing through a narrow rock chute,

Pittsfield State Forest, The Berkshires, Massachusetts

Ozone Falls pouring over rocks,

Ricketts Glen State Park

R. B. Ricketts Falls,

Ricketts Glen State Park


Mark Bowie


Adirondack Photography Institute


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