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July 23 - 28, 2023
Waterloo, NY
NEW for 2023!

Waterfalls, Trees, Landscapes, & the Night Sky  –

in New York’s beautiful Finger Lakes region!


Amongst the rolling hills and panoramic vistas of the glacially-carved Finger Lakes tumble some of the most scenic waterfalls in the country.  There are over two hundred named falls, including Taughannock Falls, the highest in New York State. The possibilities for unique images are astounding.  Each waterfall has its own character; some drop like bridal veils, others sluice over ledges, and some, like those in famous Watkins Glen, carve dramatic chasms.  Shooting access is ideal; many are along roadsides, others within a short hike.


And there’s even more to explore.  Mark will provide personalized instruction in the field and present indoor instructional sessions on photographing not only waterfalls and streams, but other landscapes, trees and woodlands, and the night sky.  He is an expert landscape, waterfall and stream photographer who has photographed the area’s waterways extensively.


After an initial orientation session on Sunday night, we will spend several days exploring and photographing in the Waterloo/Seneca Lake region.  Possible locations include Taughannock Falls, Robert H. Treman, and Watkins Glen State Parks, the Montezuma Wildlife Refuge and local parks.  We’ll also visit some beautiful lesser-known waterfalls.

Field lessons will emphasize compositional and artistic considerations, with tips and techniques on:

•   the art of photographing waterfalls and streams

•   varying shutter speed for optimal water movement and texture

•   using filters for artistic long exposures

•   equipment recommendations and use

•   reading and shooting the light

•   crafting images by emotion, for mood and atmosphere

•   fine tuning compositions

•   seeing from different vantage points

•   creating visual flow, compositional balance and dynamic tension

•   achieving critical focus

•   creating mood in the field and in processing

•   shooting color and tonal palettes for creative effect

•   multiple exposure blending for expanding exposure latitude and resolution: layer masks, panoramas and HDR’s

•   focus stacking to maximize depth of field

·    shooting time-lapse sequences and video

•   the art of photographing trees and woodlands

•   making compositional order out of chaos

•   photographing the night sky and landscape

•   camera and exposure settings for nightscapes

•   focusing in the dark

During indoor instructional sessions, Mark will cover efficient digital workflow and image optimization in Lightroom, Camera Raw and Photoshop.  He'll also do review sessions of participants' images.

Come explore this fascinating area and take your imagery to new levels.   


Camera Skills Needed

All skill levels are welcome. Users of all types of cameras may attend. However, digital cameras are preferred for their ability to provide immediate feedback and instant access to the images. Without one, you will not be able to take full advantage of the instructional sessions in this workshop.​

Computer Skills Needed

A basic understanding of digital workflow and some working knowledge of Lightroom, Photoshop or other RAW processing software will be helpful.  A laptop computer with a program to store and view images is highly recommended.

Other Considerations

Though locations visited during this workshop are readily accessible, the terrain may require some short hiking.  Participants MUST be in good physical shape and able to climb and descend moderate inclines.  They should wear sturdy boots and use caution on slippery and rocky slopes.

As with all outdoor pursuits, some risk is inherent; all participants will be required to sign a waiver prior to the workshop.

Group Size

15 participants maximum

Registration Fees

Registration Fees $1095 tuition only.  PPA member discount and scholarships are available. Click here for information.


Dates and Times

The workshop begins Sunday July 23rd at 5pm and ends Friday July 28th at noon.

Where to Meet

The workshop will be based out of the Quality Inn, 2468 NY-414, Waterloo, NY.  Participants will initially meet in the lobby.  All indoor sessions will take place in the conference room.


Lodging is the responsibility of the participant and is not included in the registration fee.


We suggest the Quality Inn for this event. Contact them at (315) 577-6068 for reservations. The hotel is offering discount pricing for this event, so please mention that you will be taking part in the PPSNYS workshop.


Meals are the responsibility of the participant and their cost is not included in the registration fee. Mark will work with the group to organize meal times and locations.  The inn will provide breakfast for an additional fee (see the workshop registration form).

Transportation During the Event

Transportation to and from the workshop is the responsibility of the participant and the cost is not included in the registration fee.

Participants’ vehicles will be used for transportation during field trips. Note that the instructor is not allowed to provide transportation for participants during the event.

The Program Schedule

Rather than adhering to a set itinerary, we will stay flexible so that we optimize our time in the field, giving you the best chances to capture great images based on weather and lighting conditions.

Day 1

Participants gather at the Quality Inn.

Opening presentation by Mark, with tips on waterfall and landscape photography.  Evening/night field trip dependent on the weather.

Day 2, 3, 4, 5

Sunrise field trip followed by breakfast.  Indoor instructional presentations by Mark on artistic waterfall and stream photography, and forest, landscape and night photography.  Image processing demonstrations in Lightroom and Photoshop. Group critique of participants’ images.  Daytime, evening and night field trips.

Day 6

Sunrise field trip followed by breakfast.  Indoor instructional presentation by Mark on processing waterfall, stream, forest, landscape and night images.  Group critique of participants’ images and workshop wrap-up. 

Note - The actual itinerary may vary considerably from this due to weather and other conditions that cannot be anticipated.

What To Bring

Mark has provided additional information regarding your needs for this program. Click here to view or download that information. Please contact Mark directly with questions:


Mark - or 413-442-9125

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